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With CB Insights, we are finding the right opportunities, and adding relationships in an entirely new, refreshing way. It also allows us to be more thoughtful about approaching companies that are well matched to our capabilities.

Rahul Baig Managing Director, Wells Fargo
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It saves me over $200,000 per year and gives me the peace of mind that I will never miss a thing.

Judit Tejada Strategic Insights Consultant, Moffitt Cancer Center
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There’s so much more than just good research. It’s the only platform with real-time visibility into every emerging tech market, and it’s become my starting point for every project.

Moran Haviv Strategic Innovation, Microsoft
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We use CB Insights in almost every deal somewhere along the way…we’ve rarely gotten on the phone with a company that we haven’t researched on CB Insights.

James Loftus Global Ecosystem Lead, Block
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It helps us compress our time-to-decision when analyzing data and getting an external view on what’s happening in the market so we can quickly take action.

Meraj Mohammad GM/VP, ADP Ventures
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CB Insights has allowed us to move at speed. It’s enabled us to get the right people around the room having the right conversation with the right facts.

Nick Tate Vice President, Head of NEXT, GSK
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CB Insights gave us the tools to zero in on the fintech companies that best matched the problems and opportunities identified by our business units.

Vanessa Fernandes Digital Assets CEO, Itaú BBA
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With CB Insights, we’ve taken the guesswork out of innovation, allowing us to take on bold new businesses without having to roll the dice.

Ben Wright Vice President, 3M Ventures
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The CB Insights platform is my team’s go-to source for in-depth data and expert insights on innovation in our space.

Ruth Yomtoubian Head of Global Innovation Center, VSP
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I know that the research is data-driven, conversational, and condensed enough for me to share with my team.

Nicole Harper Director of Corporate Strategy, Jack Henry & Associates
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