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Hard work. High standards. Hungry.

Helpful. Humble. Sound like you?

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Our values

Hard work. High standards. Hunger. Helpfulness. Humility. These five traits reflect the culture at CB Insights and illustrate the values of an ideal employee. Hard working, hungry employees with high standards for their deliverables thrive at our innovative company. But we believe that collaborating and putting egos aside through the tenets of helpfulness and humility encourage our employees to think bigger, bolstering our success.

Hard Work

We believe hard workers do two things: focus on solutions and focus on execution.

High Standards

Those with high standards are deliberate decision makers driven by personal excellence, and have mastery over the details.


We search for those who set ambitious goals for themselves and stay restless until their targets are hit.


Helpfulness is a key element of our organization. We value those who communicate simply, stick to commitments, and can adapt to change.


Humility shows up in many ways across CBI, characterized by someone who assumes good intent, is open to new ways of thinking & doing, and sweats the details.

“I love working at CB Insights because there’s always something new to learn every day. Managers here definitely have their employees’ career growth in mind. You’re constantly striving to meet and exceed your goals, and it’s a comfortable and friendly office environment.”

Employee Perks

Training and Career Growth

Yearly Education Stipend

401(k) with 4% Matching

Subsidized Health/ Dental/Vision Insurance

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit

Lunch Stipend

Breakfast & Snacks

Paid Parental Leave

Awesome Team Building Events

Headspace, Aaptiv, Rightway and One Medical membership

Charitable Matching Program

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What the 5H’s Mean To These CBI-ers


Managing Editor on the Intelligence Unit Team

“Over the last 5 years at CB Insights, I’ve come to understand hard work in a very unique context. It is about applying a solutions-oriented lens to a problem and embarking on a journey towards an outcome, which is often characterized by compromise, patience, and understanding.”

Akshara Kapoor 

Product Manager on the Product Team

“Helpfulness means to me that everyone works together with the common goal to accomplish the task at hand and lifting each other up throughout the process. Communication is simple, transparent and honest.”

Kristin Annon 

Senior Design Director on the Design Team

“Having high standards means trying to do a little better each day. This involves learning from past mistakes, realizing early when you are headed in the wrong direction and quickly changing course.”

Luke Kirrane

Customer Success Manager on the Customer Success Team

“Humility is prevalent in our culture by being open to new ways of thinking and doing. Almost every day, teammates are sharing ideas, email copy, and ways of approaching challenges. Being open to trying new things and adopting strategies that are working well has allowed me to continually improve.”

Mike Citro

Software Engineer on the Engineering Team

“Here at CB Insights, Hunger is a value that is seen across all teams. Not only does this value flow through the veins of our departments but each individual as well.”

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