Top 15 Best Steam Summer Sale 2023 Deals

Pick up these steaming sales while you can!

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The highly-anticipated Steam Summer Sale has just gone live, much to the crazed anticipation of nearly every PC gamer across the globe. While Steam often has rotating sales throughout the year on some games, the Summer Sale is one of the biggest discount events of the year, tapping an overwhelming majority of titles across every genre. If you have some Steam funds lying around and are wondering what you should consider adding to your catalog next, here are some of the best Steam Summer Sale 2023 deals.

Steam Deck Handheld Console – Up to 20% Off

Steam Summer Sale 2023 how much is a steam deck
Image Source: Valve
  • Price: 64GB Model – $359.10 USD | 256GB Model – $449.65 USD | 512GB Model – $519.20 USD
  • Buy here from Steam

We’re starting off our list with one of the hottest pieces of handheld gaming hardware used to play all the Steam games you could ever want. It’s been one of the most notoriously difficult ones to obtain due to sheer demand, but if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a Steam Deck, now may be the best chance because they’ve gotten a pretty substantial discount.

All three models are currently available at the reduced prices shown above. There is also a new Steam Dock available to go with your Deck of choice, which can be used to charge it as well as connect it to a TV or monitor.

Cyberpunk 2077 – 50% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Cyberpunk 2077
Image Source: CD Projekt Red
  • Base Game Price: $29.99 USD (50% Off) | Cyberpunk 2077 & Phantom Liberty Bundle: $55.18 USD (39% Off)
  • Buy from Steam here

Cyberpunk 2077 has since become one of the most popular open world, sci-fi action RPG games, especially with all of the adversity it’s faced throughout its development and initial release. It’s also gotten an animated spin-off series, and has its first big DLC expansion coming in just a couple of months.

If you’ve been debating starting your adventure into Cyberpunk’s incredibly vibrant Night City, the golden opportunity is now as the base game is a whopping 50% off the original price. Not only that, you can bundle both the game and the upcoming DLC Phantom Liberty for a discount as well.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Complete Edition) – 70% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Image Source: CD Projekt Red
  • Base Game Price: $11.99 USD (70% Off) | Complete Edition Price: $14.99 USD (70% Off)
  • Buy here from Steam

It’s time to pass a coin to your Witcher, if you haven’t yet already. Just in time for the premiere of the third season of Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, the Summer Sale has graciously discounted The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for anyone who has yet to try one of CD Projekt Red’s most acclaimed titles of all time. Both the base game and the Complete Edition have been reduced by a whopping 70% off.

The Witcher 3, which boasts one of the most impressive open world settings found in any video game, introduces players to Geralt of Rivia, an infamously gruff, monster-hunting mercenary who travels across The Continent slaying any abomination in his way while contracted to search for a young girl named Ciri — the Child of Prophecy.

Dave the Diver – 10% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Dave the Diver
Image Source: MINTROCKET
  • Base Game Price: $17.99 USD (10% Off) | Deluxe Edition Price: $24.28 USD (16% Off)
  • Buy from Steam here

If you’re a fan of exploring the deep blue, and are wanting something casual and fun, Dave the Diver is a brand new single-player game that dropped literally yesterday and has already blown up across the indie gaming community. Even better, the price of the game has been discounted as part of the Summer Sale by at least 10% off, along with the Deluxe Edition that includes the Digital Extra DLC.

Dave the Diver is a single-player, casual RPG game that features deep sea exploration and fishing during the day, and managing your very own sushi restaurant at night with what you haul in. Join Dave and his friends as they seek to explore the deepest aquatic mysteries of the Blue Hole.

Sons of the Forest – 20% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

One of the most popular horror titles right now that has joined the Summer Sale is Sons of the Forest, an open-world, build-your-way survival horror game that truly tests the limits of your will to survive while trying not to get eaten alive. The Summer Sale has knocked 20% of the original price of the game, making it a great choice if you’re wanting something spooky.

Sons of the Forest is an open-world multiplayer game that puts you on a remote island where you’re tasked with tracking down a missing billionaire trapped in a cannibal-infested hellscape. Craft the means to survive while fending off the threats that surround you at any given moment.

Neon White – 30% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Neon White
Image Source: Angel Matrix

One of the most unique indie titles on our list comes from none other than Annapura Interactive, who has being wowing players everywhere with some of the most innovative titles in recent years. Among the latest is Neon White, which is a fast-paced, first-person shooter that lets you trade guns for god-like parkour moves. Now is your chance to check it out, as the price has been discounted by 30%.

Neon White is a single-player speedrunning FPS game about exterminating demons in Heaven. You play as Neon White, an assassin hand-picked from the depths of Hell to compete with other demon slayers for a singular chance at redemption. Use Soul Cards to attack enemies, or trade them for incredible parkour moves.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (Intergrade) – 43% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Image Source: Square Enix

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is arguably the most highly anticipated ongoing project from Square Enix, and after the first part of the planned trilogy released exclusively on PS4/PS5 back in 2020, the big question was when it would next come to PC. It took some time, but Remake finally debuted on Steam last year with the additional “Intergrade” DLC.

With the official trailer for the second part of the game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, having premiered just a couple of weeks ago with a Spring 2024 release date planned, now is as good a time as any to get caught up on the first installment. Luckily, the Summer Sale has knocked the price of the AAA game down to nearly half, so now’s your chance.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first part of the epic retelling of Final Fantasy VII, one of Square Enix’s most famous titles in the entire Final Fantasy franchise. Rebuilt and remastered from top to bottom, follow Ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife and his allies through a journey across the city of Midgar, and an additional story with Wutai’s Yuffie Kisaragi in the DLC add-on “Intergrade”.

Persona 5 Royal – 40% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Persona 5 Royal
Image Source: ATLUS

The latest installment of one of the most popular, award-winning JRPG series in video game history has joined in on the Summer Sale, discounted to almost half price for the entire game and all of the additional DLC content.

Featuring innovative turn-based combat, vibrant animated graphics, a terrific soundtrack and even romance, this game is universally recommended time and again by the gaming community. Even if you’ve never gotten into the JRPG genre, this series would be your gateway. If you’re a longtime fan, now’s an awesome chance to get the latest groundbreaking game in this franchise.

Don a mask and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts as they stage heists, infiltrate the minds of the corrupt in order to change their ways.

Dorfromantik – 30% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Dorfromantik
Image Source: Toukana Interactive

Straight from the German developers at Toukana Interactive is one of the most stylish and charming city builder strategy and puzzle games out right now. Released last year, and very well-received by players everywhere, you get to create beautiful, ever-growing village landscapes by placing tiles in a variety of different biomes. As you progress you can unlock new types of tiles and complete more and more quests to grow your world as big as you want.

This peaceful world-builder game is part of the current Summer Sale, with 30% off its original price, putting it at just under $10 USD. You can also get a discounted bundle with both soundtracks to the game for just $16.46 USD.

Anno 1800 – 75% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Anno 1800
Image Source: Ubisoft
  • Base Game Price: $14.99 USD (75% Off) | Year 4 Gold Edition: $31.99 (60% Off) | Year 4 Complete Edition: $53.99 USD (55% Off)
  • Buy here on Steam

On the other side of the same coin, if you prefer a more intense city-builder, we highly recommend Anno 1800, the latest installment in Ubisoft’s Anno franchise which released in 2019 to high acclaim. In this game you get to take on the Industrial Revolution, and build your own city as the crowning pinnacle of the Industrial Age, no matter the cost. You can choose to innovate or exploit, whatever you deem is best for society and those in your dome of civilization.

Anno 1800 has joined the Summer Sale, with a whopping 75% being knocked off its original price. Both bundles are discounted as well, and you can even get a bigger bundle with 4 of the greatest games in the Anno franchise for just $33 USD, a combined discount of 79% off.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor – 25% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Image Source: Electronic Arts
  • Base Game Price: $52.49 (25% Off) | Deluxe Edition Price: $67.49 USD (25% Off)
  • Buy here on Steam

Cal Kestis’ story continues in this latest installment from EA and Respawn Entertainment, a third-person action-adventure game spread across the galaxy.

The story of the game picks up five years after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Kestis finds himself in an increasingly desperate fight as the galaxy descends further into madness. As one of the last surviving Jedi Knights pushed to the outer fringes of the galaxy, you must fight back against the Empire to protect your crew and preserve what’s left of the coveted Jedi Order.

The latest Star Wars installment has joined the Summer Sale, with a discount on both the base game and Deluxe Edition available.

Roots of Pacha – 20% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Roots of Pacha
Image Source: Soda Den

Have you been itching for a game with all the vibes of Stardew Valley but set in the Stone Age? Well, Roots of Pacha is very likely right up your alley if you’ve yet to hear of it.

Having released not long ago in April, the game is a charming, pixelated farming sim indie title that literally takes you back to the stone age, part of a community where you contribute by domesticating crops, befriending animals, and discovering “ideas” that change humanity forever.

Pacha is part of the Summer Sale, discounted by 20% off, making it a well-priced and well worth it indie game to add to your collection.

Dead Space Remake – 30% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Dead Space Remake
Image Source: Motive Studio
  • Base Game Price: $41.99 USD (30% Off) | Deluxe Edition Price: $48.99 USD (30% Off)
  • Buy here from Steam

One of the most applauded remakes to come out recently is the Dead Space remake, which features an incredible top to bottom rebuilding of the incredible first installment of the sci-fi survival horror franchise. Return to the doomed USG Ishimura as engineer and necromorph killer extraordinare Isaac Clarke in an all-new experience as you uncover the true fate of the planetary mining ship, and the mystery behind the extraterrestial monolith called the Marker.

The Dead Space remake joins the Summer Sale with a 30% discount off its original price. You can also get the Deluxe Edition at a reduced price as well, if you want the special suit skins created just for the remake.

Fallout 76 – 75% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is Fallout 76
Image Source: Bethesda

While the franchise of Fallout started as a single-player open-world RPG that has spanned across multiple, award-winning titles, its latest and surprisingly very successful installment called Fallout 76 brings the lore of the franchise to multiplayer. Set just 25 years after the bombs fell across the American continent, you and your fellow Vault dwellers emerge into the familiar apocalyptic wasteland, do your best to survive and of course wreak havoc in the process.

The base game of Fallout 76 has grown immensely since its release, and yet another DLC expansion was recently announced that will take players to another hotpost on the East Coast — Atlantic City. While that is set to release sometime in 2024, now is an awesome time to dive into post-nuclear America as Fallout 76 has been discounted big time to a mere $9.99.

The Outlast Trials – 15% Off

Steam Summer Sale how much is The Outlast Trials
Image Source: Red Barrels

If you miss the mind-numbing horror of the original Outlast Game, and want to re-experience it all with some of your closest friends, developers at Red Barrels thought ahead and released The Outlast Trials.

Set in the Cold War, the lovely Murkoff Corporation has kidnapped an array of not-so-willing volunteers to participate in trials testing brainwashing and mind-control. You and your friends will have your sanity tested to the limits in this horrific installment as you fight to overcome the worst Murkoff has to throw at you.

The Outlast Trials is one of the spookiest titles to join the Summer Sale, with the game discounted down to $25.

That makes our list of some of the top titles to grab from the Steam Summer Sale. These discounts will last for two weeks, starting today until July 13.

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