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Newsletter Archive

reign of the unicorns

NYC > Silicon Valley

year of the Tiger

peloton vs. spotify

192-pg state of retail tech report

big tech M&A

2022 tech predictions

be careful of unicorns

amazon’s growth strategy

JPMorgan vs. fintech

you’re on mute

web3 & disrupting VC

a must-vc report

Silicon Valley vs. New York

VC doubled in 2021

metaverse unbundled

Meta’s VR acquisitions

an NFT decacorn

the paypal ponzi

your newsletter feedback

Elon’s big year

Steve Jobs talks smack

mutiny at DoorDash

73-page quantum computing report

male virgins

CEO cabal

revenue for dummies

a16z playbook

billionaires drop a load

our new startup

epic jerk

it’s here: the digital health 150

tech IPO bust

new normal is dead 🙂

going after the GOAT

those millennials

IPO goes boom

dethroning Tiger

parallel entrepreneurs

hitting $1B

i’m thankful for…

Zambia venture deals

what is web3?

a beauty tech leader

Tiger Global’s dominance

Facebook is acquiring what?

Silicon Valley’s problem

100+ AI acquisitions

AI goes boom

DoorDash is eating startups

tipsy founder

blockchain’s record-breaking quarter

copy/paste gone wrong

elite startups

blockchain hype is real

206 fintech unicorns

fintech big dawgs

billion-dollar retail exits

236-pg state of fintech report

236-pg state of fintech report

Coinbase teardown

hot tech men

is this company worth $5 billion?

Stripe is acquiring what?

fancy healthcare

VC is tiny

dead banks

investor does 1.5 deals per day

world’s top fintech startups

free 263-page State of VC report

best blockchain cos

predicting unicorns

bankruptcies & failures, oh my!

vegan time

the Uber Mafia

1,000+ unicorns

crazy valuations

1 in 5 unicorns are this

Stripe’s strategy

this car doesn’t want me

64-slide report: fintech funding in Europe

goodbye China

digital drugs

90 startups behind the metaverse

cybersecurity wins

chart crime

Y Combinator’s new crop

is Coinbase for real?

25+ founding teams to watch

whoa Robinhood

top 15 Y Combinator founders

dude worth $100 billion

omg SoftBank

M&A goes wild

the best VCs

the next PayPal mafia

PPP loan unicorns

Silicon Valley on top

uh oh banks

ha ha: PPP loans

AI grows up

europe > USA

dishonest founders

dishonest founders

edtech ain’t dead

top 12 reasons startups fail

crazy corporate VCs

VC data (144 tabs in Excel)

Square’s $29B acquisition

food & bev trends: the new alcohol is no alcohol

68-page telehealth report

uh oh china

a terrible tech acronym

dr. FAMGA in the house

fintech’s huge quarter

the future of work

tech’s F word

uh oh SPACs

Elon Musk, mind reader

dot-com bomb

crazy VC

valuations lookin’ like phone #s

free giant VC report & data

free giant VC report & data

a CB Insights IPO?

lolz = SPACs

that millennial money

Robinhood’s biz model

millennials love these 12 industries

omg: AI M&A

all 700+ unicorns

another trillionaire co

boom: mental health

Amazon teardown

explaining startup failure

big tech vs. legacy banks

unicorn pitch decks

the hustle economy

top VC bets

the one robotics giant still standing

RIP retailers

request for startups #6

6 challenger banks reaching millions

a new unicorn milestone

fart-class flights

50 employee maximum

68-page beauty report

unmissable famous investor quote

stoner patch kids

the tech hall of fame

the 10 best VCs

hello disruption, my old friend

Tesla gift card

germy handshakes ✋

all 650+ unicorns

future of fashion

a psychedelics industry?

astrology startups — fair game?

ARR for dummies

45-page big tech report

59-page state of retail tech report

Miami vs. SF

the best CEO

Elon Musk…takes on everything?

these aging VCs still got it

Y combinator market map

mail merge disaster

75-page state of healthcare report

does Silicon Valley have bad taste?

didn’t die: blockchain

worst strategy deck ever

an Amazon bank?

from crypto unicorn to crypto IPO

request for startups

cloning startups

AI + clinical trials = magic

it’s here: the AI 100

fake VC funding

results: worst CEO gig

game-changing tech 2021

banks <3 fintech

terrible WFH predictions

Tesla — wow

27-page Robinhood report

59-slide report: state of fintech in Europe

$2 trillion unicorns

Amazon slips

63-pg report: enterprise AI trends

omg API

VC doing 1 deal per day

60-pg global CVC report

20 healthcare unicorn exits

from cockroach to unicorn

Stripe wins

busted Google scam

77-pg mobility tech report

34-pg report: the buy now, pay later category

Tesla vs. big tech

stock option insurance

explaining mRNA

boring > sexy in tech

where FAMGA is investing

leaving Google

ICYMI: game-changing tech

2021 game changers

blockchain goes boom

kids at airports 🙁

top tech M&As of 2020

12 tech trends of 2021

warm & fuzzy fanmail

$11.7B valuation ain’t nothing

a Robinhood explainer

the tech IPO is back

Robinhood IPO

selling startup employee equity

insurtech’s all-time high

annual fintech review

TikTok competitor IPO

plant dem seeds

2020 healthcare report

superficial stats

a record $80.6B in healthcare

not to brag, but…

SPAC-tacular exits

the Mandalorian of thought leadership

SPAC it up and dump it

acquiring Amazon brands

let’s talk quantum computing

the kids’ $29.5B decacorn?

the edge of FAMGA


40+ corps in autonomous vehicles

winners: top research reports of 2020

that CEO talk

naked tech

40+ wine & chocolate cos


the IPO that died

hot seed-stage startups

fintech 2020 year in review

record mega-deals in fintech

jenny from the blockchain

15 new retail tech unicorns

US of AI

wut: black-nosed reindeer?

22 D2C wins

Queen SPAC

how Robinhood makes money

announcing our first Retail Tech 100

vaccines & AI

Robinhood teardown

thanksgiving reads

the 501st unicorn is born

Amazon’s mock press release

the Fitbit for financial lives

how Uber makes money now

the 500th unicorn

fintech goes mega

moats ‘r’ us

challenger banks vs. incumbents

AI first? healthcare after Covid

that’s cold, bro

lotsa networking

venture debt vs. VC

unbundling Harvard

venture debt vs. equity

big late IPO

49-pg report on disrupting i-banking

it’s baaack: the tech execs were scared of

Sequoia bets

overfunded startup bombs

41-pg info warfare report

up & up: new record in telehealth

the misinformation wars

free 76-pg healthcare report

let’s talk SPACs

a new record in SPACs

strategy for losers

boom go the banks

fintech > banks

how consulting is being disrupted

RIP management consultants

VCs chug along

hack fintech

FAMGA’s new $6T target

IRL school > Zoom school?

nightmares on election day

unicorn-picking algo

pre-unicorn pitch decks

industry 5.0? AR, pandemic prep, & more

list of ugly pitch decks

shy Elon Musk

FAMGA’s shopping spree

making sense of a crazy 6 months

CB Insights acquisition

Goldman vs. Citi vs. JPM

meat meets its match

it’s OK to relax

AI has a mega-week

evil scooter

how to hack health insurance

wow, so many fintech reports

Amazon inches toward drone delivery

who’s putting the tech in fintech?

how safe will reopening schools be?

top 250 of 16k fintech cos

the battle for TikTok

big tech comes for payments

Apple buys another company

a future Zuck and Bezos agree on

tech critics

the kids are not alright

Epic reaps what it sows

RIP: 350+ startup failure post-mortems

Elon’s $46B rocket co

what’s DeFi?

HVAC is hot

hackerz ‘r’ us 

63-page state of retail report

26 lessons from Buffett’s letters

AmEx’s $850M fintech acquisition

$20B invested in these digital health startups

smart people like us

where Berkshire is headed

LatAm’s top-funded tech startups

89-page state of fintech report

TikTok’s 45-day countdown

70-pg report: big tech in healthcare

rebirth: Lehman Brothers

retail corpses

Samsung supremacy?

why these 110+ retailers went bankrupt

51,000+ Fauci baseball cards sold

pay, don’t touch

terrible partnership pitches

yay! cubicles

big tech energy

the office in a post-Covid world

TikTok promises 10,000 US jobs

office space: after Covid

Amazon disrupts banking

the most valuable US startup

eyes on Tesla

95-page venture capital report

a 17-year-old bug in Microsoft’s code

top-funded AI startups in the US

CB Insights acquisition

change your password

tech giants vs. EU

14 tech trends redefining cybersecurity

how to “randonaut”

insurance: from COBOL to Covid

who got PPP money?

did Covid kill pants?

bye bye, TikTok clone

question: what’s going on with fintech?

ouch: tech layoffs

Covid theater

how banks are betting on fintech

a 34-page report on the micromobility revolution

RIP the Segway

top research briefs of Q2’20

florida never disappoints

what is TikTok?

a $10B grocery chain

how Bytedance became the world’s most valuable unicorn

a $74,500 robot dog

RIP meat space?

VC 101

i can haz inefficiency

pivoting hard amid Covid-19

welcoming… Mark Cuban

gamers’ rights

68-page tech trends report

VCs wanna be us

a great cold email

safe in new york city

what is VC?

k-pop stans rise up

the contactless store

terrible data viz #298

google & amazon’s next market

human trials for coronavirus treatment

big tech tackles the $3T healthcare industry

Apple’s fifth acquisition of 2020

42 healthcare unicorns

biggest stock gains

VCs best pandemic purchases?

the top-funded digital health startups in Europe

Powell’s got some bad news

the AI continent

hockey stick growth

seeking nerds

Powell’s warning

87-page global Q1’20 fintech report

pandemic portraits

15 tech trends in the insurance industry

a big CBI announcement

plop plop IPO

the retailpocalypse continues

what’s the 2-pizza rule?

Zoom, Zoomd, Zoomi, Zumi, Zoomy, & more

Microsoft, Apple still shopping for companies

ugly data viz #103

combating infectious diseases

22M jobs — gone

41-page interactive AI report

brb, ordering more fries

Covid-19 and mega-deals in VC


a CEO’s favorite word

upcoming: big tech earnings

where the world’s best VCs are investing

brb, switching career paths

a new robot concept: ideal for quarantine

Netflix & chill

sexual wellness & Covid-19

SMBs get another $310B

65+ startups helping you WFH

Verizon buys a Zoom rival

Covid-19: the impact on startups

wanted: COBOL programmers

a chatbot girlfriend

incoming: $1,200 checks

are hedge funds still investing in startups?

bored in the house and i’m in the house bored

WFH: 65+ startups enabling remote work

use your brain pls

ghost kitchens aren’t dead

Apple’s AR ambitions

12 telehealth startups tackling pandemic care


Covid-19 & fintech in 4 charts

M&A valuations & founders’ faces

ugly pie chart

an FDA-approved coronavirus test

how Covid-19 could impact startup and CVC funding

locust swarms 3x the size of NYC

2020: top trends in blockchain

delaying our conference

sad sad seed stage

bad news for seed-stage startups

how COVID-19 could impact startup funding

the penguins are making new friends

AI in healthcare


WFH divorces

self-quarantine = more gamers

Alphabet’s next billion-dollar business

the largest insurance broker in the world

industries most disrupted by Alphabet

an easy way to make money

TGI not October

FAMGA has been pummeled

the best AI startups in the world

a new fintech funding round

we haz conference exhibitor data

lazy founders

not ugly viz

Zoom & coronavirus

20 reason why startups fail

whoa: a $7B fintech M&A deal

please don’t make me start a TikTok

intoxicated bar chart

102-page state of fintech report

102-page report: the state of fintech

plants-as-a-service (PaaS)

China on the brain

Buffett: do we know what we’re doing?

the cloud unicorn that grew 3x

weed puns

Amazon dating

40-page AI trends report 🤖

2 new unicorn IPOs

unfortunately, this is real

how SV economy works

how the coronavirus could impact tech investment

unicorn list: 450 and counting

this is peak misery

measuring your life

why Amazon is rolling out biometrics payments tech

Apple imagines a new wearable

2020 tech trend: unicorn cannibalism

pregnant man?

what Visa’s $5.3B acquisition means

68-page report: the year ahead in tech trends

Plaid is in

love in outer space

the top VCs in each state

3 reports on tech in 2020

Uber fail

how to defend your moat

Updates to our Privacy Statement

ever feel industry intel FOMO?

giving you 2020 vision

how Alphabet became an $800B AI powerhouse

i’ll drink (a cannabis-infused tonic) to that

disrupting the $1.8T meat market

it’s a wonderful blockchain

75+ startups to help you get fit

the new tech bro uniform

picking the AI elite


VC deals

81 bankruptcies from the retail apocalypse

Disney’s secret sauce

sleep internship

PT Barnum & peloton

Amazon is coming for financial services

the most wasteful tech

the magic pentagram

RIP blockchain

what happened to chatbots?

the retail store of 2030

zebras & LSD

the bank of Beyonce

the future according to GV

zebras < unicorns

drugs to make you productive

execs who laughed at disruption

tech’s most accurate prophet

the bank of Google

AI & fast food

68-page global healthcare report

a $26B merger

bro Olympics

50 future unicorns

22 lessons from Jeff Bezos

big move: Google’s latest M&A


who is the bigger fraud?

Alphabet in AI

ouch: WeWork

ugh — this pie chart

update your preferences

update your preferences

thinking is bad for you

what killed these startups?

the largest bubble?

intros that don’t stink

CEO disruption

top-funded startups in Europe

yaaas: success at age 97

more fake valuations

fake valuations

the US of digital health

ouch: another retail bankruptcy

cancel reply all

no more startup drama pls

14 ousted CEOs

the BigCo that’s great at unicorn picking

omg — tech bubble


D2C success stories

VC-funded helium balloons

AI loses buzzword battle

Peloton disruptor

the future according to Y Combinator

uh oh: WeWork valuation under pressure

vinyl > CDs

WeWork is a good business

global unicorns

it’s Bezos-Nadella vs. Google on this

seeking COO

the intrapreneur myth

every single unicorn

JPMorgan vs. Goldman vs. Citi

thank you


what is edge computing?

adult recess — lord have mercy

CEO jargo

all fintech everything

the dark arts of marketing?

startup foie gras

fake dog pics 🐕

all VC everything

sorry, NY: Massachusetts wins this one


this might anger you

a16z tells the future

41-slide report: venture trends in Canada

so, so many CEOs


new insurtech report

AI: all the numbers

paging Dr. Robot 

you can’t kill this animal

global VC trends

Zoom’s IPO winners

CEO, interrupted

tech parents be crazy

making startup pate

the real deal with AI

foie-gras’d startups

Taco Bell attacks Airbnb

Amazon’s coming for you

red, white, & Pepsi Blue

Uber wrecks public company

167 super expensive flops

AI out to pasture

Pokemon burgers

millennial potheads

startups back from the dead

chief of Cheeto innovation

what average CEOs do

Goldman’s next move

Amazon’s next retail moves

Amazon: gone to the dogs 🐶

did Zuck really say that?

illegal ice cream

please refer to Chapter 11

Google’s $2.6 billion acquisition

molecules of US freedom

coachella for fintech

you sit on a throne of lies

getting Amazon’d

not another Theranos

Stripe ($22.5B) in da house

struggling at startups

busted: 17 startup frauds

olds can billionaires too

uh oh blockchain

a ponzi scheme of ambition

how does Uber make money?

more like Ban Francisco

replacing email

omg Uber

hey, that’s a great idea!

ouch: a $500M+ write-down

Tinder for fintech

ha ha: Tesla insurance

WeWork hard for the money

is WeWork for real?

absurd tech jobs

bad news for this C-level title

Facebook’s top acquisitions

87 revealing job interview Qs

manage money like a millennial

hi VC — what is your sign?

all CBD everything

nudists in blockchain?

smart money never gave up on blockchain

Uber vs. Slack

our VC fund

Theranos lives

lessons from a $9B fraud

the IPO to buy

Patagonia kills VC (vests)

death to the i-bank? 💀

the top 20 VCs

Enron CEO & blockchain

the top 100 VCs

creme brulee Juul pods

the meat-free future 🌱

the 40-year-old millennial

how to raise useless kids

SoftBank’s investment in Amazon

20 industries 5G could disrupt

a well-dressed unicorn

facebook for compliments

startup satire

159 extravagant startup failures

psst: hot job interview tips

i like big TAMs

softbank goes early-stage

how 8 big-name startups lost it all

a new banking unicorn

a robot has died

Peter Thiel is not happy

Ethereum explained

letters from Buffett

virtual parents

that ‘oh isht’ moment

global CVC report

wait, what is 6G?

50 future unicorns

tech’s most fake people

big tech raises its voice

my techie valentine 💘

bearded lady VC

really, really good unicorn picks

CRISPR explained 

whoa: bankers rake in the M&A fees

Apple Watch can’t do this

future unicorn

25 AI trends to watch

is WeWork worth it?

we need your data

dystopian Chinese tech

unicorn population: 308

the worst data leak ever?

wtf is 5G?

so many unicorns

top 100 VCs

quantum computing explained

why startups fail

7 unicorns coming to NYC 

Q4’18 VC funding report

99-slide deck: 2018 VC trends

how to name your baby

the next Silicon Valley is…

cannabis’ all-time funding high

we need to talk about Microsoft

man marries hologram

14 tech trends to watch

RIP management consulting

top auto tech research

best market maps of 2018

holly, jolly tech trends

retail trends to watch

38-page tech IPO report

is CB Insights dying?

tech IPO pipeline

how Uber makes money

taking on Goldman

you work for your VC

7-year-old millionaire

blockchain trends to watch

watch out: big tech IPO

google sheets vs. Excel

the dumb money showed up

next big trends

why startups die

AI expert

more management consulting nonsense

36 game-changing companies

give thanks for data

dominate Thanksgiving

Google’s 4 best M&A

loyalty matters

huh? what is a stablecoin?

more dead startups

Sequoia’s next big exit

it’s cool to be Square

Amazon cuts the baby in half

this is just a terrible word

stupid-as-a-service (SaaS)

37 M&A flops

a new fintech unicorn


pee bricks

millennials hate credit cards

new report: the future of aging

NYC losing its flavor

CPG shake-up

the Bezos letters ✉

ouch: 57 retail bankruptcies

be afraid, be very afraid

letters from Bezos

healthcare in 2025

2 new unicorns

tough life of a VC

Q3 VC funding report

is Facebook dabbling in crypto?

WeWork goes shopping

privacy is overrated

crypto is over

disruption secured

RIP management consulting?


I’m crying

the private-label takeover

6 new unicorn companies

anxiety = 💰

Coke and cannabis

gympocalypse now?

dumb things CEOs say

how to murder your husband

blockchain explained

disrupting the car

Silicon Valley’s competition

paging Dr. Amazon

don’t blink

watch your back, Amazon

air travel > dating apps?

how to make people like you

poll says Musk was lying

JPMorgan’s digital transformation

most annoying email phrases

solution: kill middle management

security for your undies

Tencent is killing the IPO game

hold my beer: I’m investing in this cannabis co

Kardashian startup failure

is Elon Musk lying?

AI for drug development

a $2.4B disappointment

pizza-as-a-service (PaaS)

prior idiots phenomenon

millennials managing money

a $2B+ exit

the internet ruins lives

the anti-social network

73 corporate innovation labs

real disruption story

Google in your ear

AI fails

35 websites that are ugly af

yikes: $5B in fines

35 ugly unicorn websites

insect protein is yuge

what’s hot in VC

5 new unicorns

we’ve hit peak tech bro

The Bank of Amazon

a $1.8B bot company

Elon Musk talks like a 7th grader

the next Silicon Valley

43 embarrassing CEO quotes

want a job in VC?

Google’s big e-commerce move

clueless CEO sells company

20 super smart people

the new mega-unicorn

is faking it ok?

70 corp innovation labs

explainer: what is psychographics?

biggest enterprise software M&A

$2B sandwich

mgmt consultants in danger

mistakes of a startup CEO

Sephora’s digital transformation

Bezos says no

wow: terrible emails

133 big, fat failures

a $4.4B IPO?

winner: best VC

Google finds its voice

the new new milk?

tech that starts wars

why would you make that? 116 product flops

new report: information warfare

wt heck is ethereum?

startups, we hardly knew ye

Google’s strangest research

Harvard & drunk people

ok, Google — reinvent healthcare

the greenest industry


cybersecurity startups to watch

horse > lambo

the joke that failed

hello <first name>

VC and M&A jobs

unnecessary graph

13 pre-unicorn pitch decks

three $1B+ exits

fact: bitcoin is ruining children

reading 1,171,165 words quickly

the Tesla bankruptcy

not 1 but 8 nasty pie charts

deep dive: WeWork’s $20B dream

Did Zuck bet on the wrong tech, again?

Harvard AI

Kardashian earnings calls

millennials: this may help you get promoted

Google in your bathroom

40 victims of the retail apocalypse

corked: IoT for wine

Amazon doesn’t give an F

Google is over search

China: facial recognition capital of the world

yup: the next Steve Jobs

AI gets energized

most overpaid CEOs

the millionaire liar

Amazon doesn’t care about Google

Elon Musk hates us

Amazon beating out HBO

Amazon vs. Alibaba: global edition

big AI M&A 

Uber for booze

so mad, so angry, so outraged

a depressing stock price

fowl play in Silicon Valley

styled by bots

knock knock: it’s Bezos

give Facebook a break

fake CTO

you shouldn’t be a founder

ooh: a fetish for failure

9 promising AI startups

CRISPR vs. cancer

space travel is here

intro: the backdoor unicorn

9 enterprise AI winners

38-page AI trends report

in AI, China > US

ugh: that’s not meat

the end of big data

grocery wars: Amazon, Aldi, Instacart

pls end VC procrastination

blockchain attacks banking

Air Jordans > new SUV

Harvard goes online?

uh oh: crypto folks are mad

using Amazon for free vacations

why startups fail

66-page insurtech report

uh oh: another Enron

hacking cars

uh oh: fintech slowdown

picking Amazon’s next HQ

ranking: top 100 VCs with NYT

new year, new fintech

tomorrow’s battle for crypto

wannabe unicorn sells for scraps

ICOs > VC funding to blockchain

bad news: more vegans

bananas-as-a-service is here

$60B to JPMorgan market cap

if only: 30-minute NY to SF flights

Bill Gates’ 5 heroes worth a listen

why Softbank invested in Theranos

👿 Facebook isn’t society’s problem

101-page report: top VC funding trends

Amazon’s other massive business

what? apples-as-a-service

101-page VC report

💩 consultant doo doo framework

rules on criticizing founders

timeline: epic retail fails 

ethereum surges even higher

the best tech co to invest in is…

Facebook fairs very poorly in this survey

ugh: more hate mail

remember the racist VC?

Thomas Friedman’s garbage graph

top 10: what you read in 2017

WTF Peter Thiel was a winner

RIP: retail apocalypse casualties

15 top tech trends of 2018

the weirdest crypto headline

oh lord: Twitter outrage

LinkedIn under threat

CEOs getting fired

blockchain you can eat

Apple’s latest acquisition

deep dive: mortgage tech

yup: super ugly consultant chart

the top 100 AI companies

happy birthday Apple

infographic: Apple’s biggest acquisitions

Will Alibaba defeat Elon Musk?

report: 2018 tech IPO pipeline

poll: the worst tech company is….

Elon Musk takes on Alibaba

AI for kombucha

a16z & USV bet on blockchain

mind blown: the pivot to end all pivots

bad bad consultant

A16Z blockchain bets

Amazon demolished this company

21 biggest VC exits

what is blockchain?

turkey & blockchain

Amazon vs WeWork

Google ahead of Apple on AI

Stitch Fix’s IPO

ouch: the startup that got mashed

will Chuck E. Cheese’s be next?

yup: Nokia will dominate mobile phones

fake Instagram people


map: US of fintech

unbundling big food

the best AI app out there

the lying billionaire

whoa: biggest tech M&A ever

Microsoft bought PowerPoint for how much?

food delivery IPO

bouncing back from a downround

CBI gift guide

the honest freeloader

not yet dead startups

yup: a toxic VC

do ex-startups founders make the best VCs?

uh oh: blockchain token fails

the man who runs the internet

the Yahoo of AI

VC jobs

Amazon vs Google in AI

pdf: Blockchain investment trends

a women-led IPO

the BEST Venn diagram

VC harassment

whoa: blockchain, blockchain, blockchain

more selective than Harvard and YC

infographic: Google’s biggest acquisitions

no product? here’s another $1B

proof: we’re getting dumber

a great $3.3B M&A deal

IPO brain damage

AI kills 10 million jobs

game-changing healthcare startups

new Amazon and Microsoft acqs

where should you HQ your startup?

really really high investors

WeWork’s crazy valuation

never invest in NYC restaurant

⚡ Goldman Sachs strategy teardown

watch out Zuck: new social networks

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