All Ghost-Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon Go

How to hit hard against those pesky ghosties!

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Ghost-type Pokemon are unique in the game because they are the only type with two immunities: Normal and Fighting. Aside from these types, you can also use Ghost to counter Psychic Pokemon. They are also good against Bug and Poison Types. Despite their many strengths, there’s always a way to counter Ghost-types. This article will teach you how to counter Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How to Counter Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

There are two types of Pokemon you can use when facing a Ghost-type Pokemon: you can either use another Ghost-type or a Dark-type. Let’s talk about the best ones you can add to your team.


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Dark-type Pokemon are the best for dealing with Ghost-types. In Pokemon GO, we highly recommend Darkrai with a Snarl-Shadow Ball combo. If you don’t have Darkrai, the next best choice is Houndoom with a Snarl-Foul Play move set. But if you don’t have the mega evolution (yet), even the regular Houndoom is just fine.

Though it won’t hit as hard, Umbreon is also a viable choice if you don’t have Houndoom. You can add Umbreon to your roster with just 25 Eevee candy, an Eevee, and a little walking in the night. Its best move set against Ghost is Snarl and Dark Pulse.


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Ghost-type Pokemon is strong against other Ghost types, but since going into mirror matches are a bit risky, you need to make sure that your Pokemon is more powerful, or will at least hit first. After all, Ghost-types have pretty low HP!

To this end, Mega Gengar — the strongest-hitting Ghost Pokemon in the game — will do well in most matchups. You can also opt for Giratina (if you have it). Whether you use Mega Gengar or Giratina, you should use Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball for your move set.

There you have all ghost-type Pokemon weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO. For more on the game, check out the links below.

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